8 Replies to “Dear God Whadjah Make Weeds For?”

  1. Adam was also sent to tend the garden. Idle hands let’s the bad stuff grow. So God wants us to work and not be idle. Flowers and good things come from hardwork. Tried to teach my kids that we tend to appreciate things we work for more than those things we’re just given. Faith is like that. The level of satisfaction is determined by the amount of effort we put into it. So I guess we have to look towards the goal…

  2. I know that everything was done for a reason. Everything. But I have also wondered sometimes why weeds. It is a never ending chore tending them.

  3. Whadjah or couldjah believe it. It’s funny you should talk about weeds today cause a couple of hours ago I went to Lowe’s and bought a weed’s nightmare ROUND UP ! I’m sure in the grand scheme of things the Lord has a good reason for them I just don’t want them in the area where I got the good plants. I don’t want another bout with poison ivy again from hedge trimming ! So if I catch some where they should not be they will all have to” SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND” CALLED ROUND UP !

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