10 Replies to “Dear God Are We There Yet?”

  1. Dear Brian,
    You are in a class all your own! So funny and you share from your heart things we all struggle with.
    Wish I could find a musician friend like you to make & record music with. Keep up the good work & God bless!

    1. Hi Susan.. thanks for the vote of confidence.. hard to imagine with all the talent around I even had a career “making stuff up” still doing that here on nutshells

  2. Maybe refurbish? Create the new you.
    There needs to be one of those big yellow dead end signs. What did Clint Eastwood say to his monkey? Right turn Clyde!
    Sometimes our owners manual is a bit vague.

  3. Just a guess…are you standing in the middle with the girl in long orange dress?…also Bryan I think you’re having reactions to services not like the rest of us because you grew up in church! You learned about Paul and Acts long before I did…and on…I read the Bible when I was 35…settling down from my party years…I became Christian at 36…you were already way way on the journey as I took my first steps…scripture is a very different story for me! And the truth is Bryan that I consider these nutshellsermons as devotionals you won’t hear…they are just on the cynical side! Lol

  4. The last nutshell and this one are both on the same track…lol…life don’t get easier in the long run …it’s great to be able to find humor in it….thanks for helping us out on that!

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