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  1. evangelism is always of interest to me. It seems the methods and approaches are always change but sometimes I feel Christians make too many excuses. plant seeds share your story or at least the hope you have. I can’t change the condition of thier soil but I can keep praying knowing that God loves the lost infinitely more than I do even if it is a son daughter, mom, dad, husband, wife.

      1. I have come to accept that Most people that God lets me talk to or share a Gospel Tract with not accept Jesus when I am there! I believe God is working behind the scenes and expect to see some of those folks again!! It is gonna be AWESOME!! (Yes, I know the majority of people will say no to God, But some will say YES!!! PRAISE GOD!!!)

        1. there’s a story in the Bible about a guy that says no at first.. and then goes ahead.. Jesus says he’s better than the one who says I’ll do it and then doesn’t! thanks for commenting Jeff!

  2. Absolutely with gentleness and respect with their view of us living a healthy life by example!

  3. I read somewhere that Alcoholics Anonymous has a 15% success rate which is applaudable for sure. I also read that Teen Challenge has an 85% success rate. The difference I am aware of is Emmanuel Christ Jesus is the focus for every soul that enters Teen Challenge and the souls that join AA acknowledge a “higher power”. Of course working with percentages instead of whole numbers might paint a somewhat inaccurate or prejudicial picture but I’m goin with the ‘majority’ on this one.

    1. wow you have yer own great takes KP.. yes, I have a daughter that was on heroin for six years. Got her into teen challenge from her court case facing jail time. She’s been clean for 11 years now. Amazing turn around.

  4. Ya’ ever get the feeling those guys on the street corner think that they’re the “voice crying in the wilderness” per the prophets. very embarrassing. Missionary work is actually illegal here in Israel, and I think rightly so.
    Witness is best given by how we live our lives. The doors open at the right times to discuss faith.
    Anyway, just sayin’
    have a good week…

  5. You know, Brother Bryan, I’ve been binge watching Ray Comfort, Just Witnessing videos on YouTube. But I always feel outnumbered just by being a Believing Aspie that love blue-eyed soul. Keep up the awesome job, brother!

  6. Man, if I had my own church somewhere I definitely have you come and speak LOL you come up with some of the coolest stuff sometime… and thank you for being our lunatic friend

  7. The first thing in evangelism should be prayer. If we are not praying for a person to share God’s story in our life, or hear their story and reveal where God is working in their life; then can we truly believe it will be effective? More importantly, how will we know how to effectively help them and meet a tangible need without prayer?
    We cannot and will not fulfill the Great Commission, without first helping others experience the Great Commandment. Before we can even ask what they feel/think about Jesus; they first must know and experience that we love them as Jesus loves them; and that step begins with prayer.

  8. The US claims Christianity is the major religion because it has most members. But what does that say? It isn’t whether a certain group is in the majority, it is what the individuals in it believe and that’s something only God can see. I think the way people react and treat others and their actions are the most important

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