10 Replies to “Dear God Do You Believe In Atheists?”

  1. I actually asked a friend who declares himself an atheist. So what’s the purpose of your life or any of ours? He’s response:were part of the evolution of things. Our job is to make this place better for those we leave behind.
    I responded: that’s pretty bleak since the way things are going this planet ain’t gonna be around much longer due to progress. Millions of years of the universe existence says the scientists, and you think yourlittle 70 yrs is gonna make a difference. Then your gone.
    Bryan we can’t fix anybody. As it says many are called few are chosen… Scary in my opinion..

  2. Interesting point that you wanted to give her a 30% tip – even though you can’t afford to! Seems like when I’m prompted to be kind or help someone I don’t know that might be God moving through me. I’m enjoying these podcasts – keep ’em coming!

      1. You’re not alone feeling that way. Feeling invisible -can anyone see me? Am I really here? – are not uncommon feelings as we make our way through this world. I see you. I hear you. Social media brings us together. Hang in there and keep sharing your thoughts and humor with the rest of us. We’re laughing with you, my friend.

  3. A friend of mine explained it this way.. I used to be an atheist but then I met Jesus and discovered I am a theist.

  4. I feel invisible a lot. I wrote some Christian children’s books and put them online. I have sold 3. A friend of mine wrote a Christian book and hers are selling like hotcakes. I know God gave me these stories to reach children in these dark times. We just had a 10 year old commit suicide here in Indiana due to being bullied. I love these Nutshell Sermons. You always make me laugh. Keep thm coming. It is sad to think that athiests think the way they do. So sad. Not believing in God or Heaven. Wow. Nothing to look forward to.

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