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  1. Bryan,
    The journey was yours but your journey impacted many. I was kicked out of my band for getting a divorce. That led to an alienation that was pivotal in backsliding. But eventually, as the Prodigal, I returned.

    I’m so glad that you have had an amazing career and ministry. But in also glad that you’ve had ups and downs, trials and difficulties. These gave you so much fuel for lyrics and song that have inspired millions of people. I’ve been listening to your music since the early 80’s. And now I get to listen and hear your perspective on so many things, and your past, and experiences. Now you are ministering in a new way.
    I thought I’d be doing something in music and singing but God uses us where he wants us when he’s ready. I always say to bloom where you are planted. Personally, I’m happy to see nutshell sermons growing. You have so much to give and as always, love your humor and style. I thank God for you. Keep smiling!

      1. The things you said about when you got divorced struck a nerve with me. Not because l disagree. I don’t. I struggled a lot with it. And still do. My wife said to me from across t dining room table…..l Hate You! I looked here straight in eyes and said. I know. I loved her whole
        Hearted. I now 0 for 3.

  2. Hahaha, insulting the audience. I did that once during a jazz concert in high school. I was a solid 2nd/3rd chair trumpet player, and we were playing a really cool blues song. During the sax solo, I looked out where the audience was and saw a group of jocks clapping on one and three. I thought to myself, this is wrong, they should be clapping on two and four so I started clapping on two and four looking straight at the offenders, finally shouting out “two and four!” trying to get them to change. Unfortunately, they were all white and had no rhythm. And I heard about it after the concert. Didn’t get into a fight, but did have to listen to them tell me they were “supporting” the band. Not one of my better moments, but I still think they were wrong. Hahaha
    Great podcast sir, please keep it up!

  3. I ❤️ it when you explain the lyrics and what you were doing at the time you wrote the songs. Joyride in particular has so much color change, not racially, spiritually and growth! Love it!!

  4. You’ve had such an outstanding career Bryan and you even documented the time line and changes of your music. Please continue to do so and keep nutshellsermons which are fantastic explanations of Bible study!

  5. Hey, Bryan. Thank you so much for posting these stories. I know not many people would do such a thing. They are inspiring and I appreciate what you have done and continue to do.

  6. funny you mention Yolanda Adams; she was on the “hopper” flight you were on when I picked you up at the airport so many years ago

    1. I didn’t know that.. wow.. I never met her ever… I also think that especially female black gospel artists tend to be a little Diva like.. just being around the ones I have been. But I tried to be nice cause I wasn’t given a reason for her refusal.

      1. that was sooooo long ago, maybe ’92/’93ish? Shortly thereafter I came up and saw you at an outdoor amphitheater in Clinton, Okla….we talked a bit back stage ( MOST females seem a little divaish these days, some dudes too).

  7. Hey B, at the time when joyride came out I didn’t realize that it was going to be your last major record label ride . I can say like many others out there that I was bless to have most of if not all your music from the SCB era to joyride and that was the best musical rollercoaster ride ever, just loved it! I have an live album you did very shortly after joyride called Twin City live i think that might be the first independent album you put together, I listen to it a while back and man you know what, it is a very very fun and personable album and your singing set that baby off nicely ! It kinda I would say is a mini prequal to what you are doing now with the podcast. From the nifty noodles the radio rehab and the books all roads lead here . It may not have been a joyride toward the end of the last century but with God you made it even though you may have Weeble and wobbled along the way sometimes! I look forward to learning about the many adventures of the Nehosoul era and the other independent recordings you did .

    1. hey Chuck! thanks for the reminder .. I forgot completely about twin cities not sure it’s listed anywhere even. if you have a copy could you take a picture of it front and back? send it to me bryaneduncan@gmail.com not sure I can find a copy to even talk about..

  8. funny you mention Yolanda Adams, she was on the same “hopper” flight you (and your sound guy whose name I can’t recall), when I picked you up at that time airport so many years ago. What the heck did you do on that plane ?

    1. not sure who was flyin with me back then.. went thru several sound guys.. but like I said. I never met Yolanda Adams had no idea she was on the plane either!

  9. Brian, I so enjoyed this particular Nutshell Sermon. Since my young adult self was born-again at CC Riverside which is an evangelizing church – I did attempt to do “street evangelizing” – it was so uncomfortable but I was told that was part of that gig. I like the concept that use what GOD gave you not what others can do…GOD gave me skills to bake double chocolate chip cookies that said I love you or appreciate you which led to conversations. I have this desire to keep in touch with people and I help organize & attend all kinds of reunions. This is how I use my skills to be GOD’s representative in loving & enjoying people in my imperfect life. Thanks for these Nutshells

    1. hi Nann.. I started to change too when I read a book called “Evangelism as a Life style” it was quite freeing. and yet I can’t quote anything from it. I just resonated with living for Jesus in front of those he puts in front of you.. I observed people when being ‘witnessed to’ it all seemed so awkward both ways.. nothing natural about it.

  10. Thanks for the insight.
    Don’t ya’ love the self-righteous ones that throw versus around anytime they don’t know what they’re talking about? As I was taught never judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes. Good to listen to life experiences of others…

    1. well you know its most often trial and error. much of what was said to me was true.. about what God preferred for us all.. but we also can’t change other people no matter how many hoops you jump thru.. I carry no ill will.. we have our beliefs and that in itself is a true effort!

    2. well you know its most often trial and error. much of what was said to me was true.. about what God preferred for us all.. but we also can’t change other people no matter how many hoops you jump thru.. I carry no ill will.. we have our beliefs and that in itself is a true effort!

  11. When I think of this album my mind immediately pulls up an image of my dad and I leaving church to drive 5 hours up to Iowa to buy an old camaro. JoyRide had just came out and we listened to it on the drive up. I still have the Camaro although it is in piece to one day be restored. My dad has went to be with the Lord. Life keeps moving on so we must be purposeful to finish strong. John Hammond plays drums on this release. He is a groove-meister. Got his start touring with Russ Taff. Duets…you should pitch a remix of “Your Gift is Lifting me” to Taylor Swift. It could help expand her audience…

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