Your Gift Is Liftin Me

Your Gift Is Liftin Me

I was a guest on “A Song In A Day” Show. a 30 min episode on Youtube, with my music studio friends Greg Bissonette and his brother Matt, and my old sound engineer from the early days Paul Dexter. Here you can be a fly on the wall and see how songs are written, arranged, produced, and recorded. In the case all in 24 hours~! enjoy.

****this song is available by request in the comments on nutshellsermons URL.

hear the show on youtube/a Song In A Day Show episode 4

33 Replies to “Your Gift Is Liftin Me”

  1. This was a fun, new song for me with a great reminder that it is, “the joy of the Lord that lifts me up.” Thank you for sharing. I would love to have a copy of it if you are so willing to give? Was this song on a previous album?

  2. Wait, Wait, Wait! I should have listen to the show first. Now I understand where the song came from. On a side note, Google Ai says the song was written by Lunatic Friend not Bryan Duncan. How did it know your alter ego

  3. the song and video were great! thanks for continuing to use your gift to the body of Christ. i’m gonna send some bucks, too. thanks again!!

  4. I have to say I love it and would love a copy. Feel good grooves perfect for the car on road trips! Well done!

  5. This song came on the perfect day, and with the perfect message. I’m laying my Mother to rest today, and it lifted my spirits. Thanks Bryan.

  6. Love this, Bryan! We need to nail down Nick and make that collab happen we’re always chatting about! Ha! Now I have this great ear candy in my head all day. I’d love a copy!

  7. I’ve been cleaning my balcony and my back hurts. So I came in to sit for a few minutes and decided to listen to this. Now I feel raring and ready to go again. Great song! And the video was fun to watch. Lot of work goes into your collaborations. And yes, I’d like a copy also. Thanks, Bryan.

    1. thanks to the inserts of music from the Bissonette brothers.. especially that lead in to the chorus this hook was happier than i imagined it would be.. I was really nervous about writing lyrics on the fly too! “Makes Me Wonder Why I Cry So Much” LOL. check yer inbox!

    1. LAGT!!! so nice to see you.. check yer inbox! it was a complete surprise to be back in the studio and with some of the best musicians.. I never expected.. or the good feeling of the song.. “I makes me wonder why I cry so much” LOL+

  8. Bryan I’d love a copy and this was an exceptional experience and even more an exceptional result

  9. It’s a small world after all.. Bissonette is my momma’s maiden name..
    Nice Bryan.. (2 thumbs UP)

  10. Kinda late asking, but I would love a copy of this song. I so enjoyed watching the whole process of you all putting it together in a day!

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