20 Replies to “Heavenly Father Remember My Mother”

  1. I have always loved this song brother. My mom passed away seven years ago, and this song fits her perfectly and always brings me to tears. I would love to have a copy, and thank you Bryan. God bless you.

  2. Beautiful song, Bryan!! Thank you for sharing this. I know it may not have been easy at all to write that. Your songs have helped so many of us with similar life issues. Your God-given talents are not going to waste!!
    Thank you again, brother!
    Gene R

    1. thanks GR.. nice to hear from ya too.. this song started out as a joke recommending my mother to God.. LOL but soon as I hit the lyric ‘she sang my first song to me’ it was immediately heart felt thanks for your kind words. I’m sending the song assuming you’re asking here too

  3. Hey Bryan, my Mom loved this song. She was so glad to see you and hear it in person several years ago. She went home to be with Jesus this year in February. She was a Big Fan of Blue Skys too. God Bless you and Cassie this Mothers day and always my friend.

    1. thanks Doug! means a lot.. took our moms for granted just a little too much. Glad I got to sing to her. sang this for my mom too the day of her memorial service

  4. Beautiful song, Bryan. “she sang my first song to me” hit home; my mom sang a lot around the house and still enjoys music.

  5. Great song B. It was kind of a tough day yesterday. Sometimes the ache of just missing them so much can be deeply felt on Mother’s Day . I can definitely say prior to my mama’s passing I aways thought what a very nice touching tribute to one’s mom but now being that mama’s gone it touches me in whole new way and brings a reflective calming and soothing feeling to me. Thanks B for letting your gift shine for us all.

  6. Great song B. It was kind of a tough one for me still this mother’s day past. It was my second and missing her terribly can be a little harder on this day as many can attest to . Before mama’s passing when I heard this song I said to myself, what a nice tribute to one’s mother. Now that mama’s gone the song has a hugely different impact on me. It makes me want to close my eye’s and just reflect back on her and all the love she gave me whether i realized it or not .The song has an amazing calming and soothing effect on me now and allows a small smile in my heart to shine. Thanks B for letting your gift shine for me and all the others who love your music with me.

  7. This is a beautiful song.

    I lost my parents over 40 years ago. They never met their grandkids. I always miss them, especially on birthdays and Mother’s and Father’s Days.

    Mom was a stay-at-home mom and until high school I never realized she had some mental issues. When my dad and her were getting divorced, he warned me. And it all came out and I could see more of how unstable she was. It hurts so much to see her that way, but the last couple of years, when she was in a rest home, we had our best times. And my dad died of a stroke the year his granddaughter was born. So he did walk me down the aisle when I got married. Good memories.

  8. Very nice. Never wrote a song about my Mother bud did about my wife called Covenant Woman which is on my first album. Sang it to her as she walked down the aisle at our wedding.

  9. Full disclosure…this song always makes me cry so I tend to skip past it on my playlist…I am one of those people…

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