16 Replies to “I Don’t Need No Stinkin Drop Cloth”

  1. Wow this really hits home because I am In a physical therapy center where they tell us to wait for the drawer sheet! Nuff said…lol

    1. Hi Jane.. I believe in PT! .. tore my rotator cuff could hardly raise my arm.. 12 pt visits and it’s almost like it never happened.. Go forth and conquer! JZ

  2. LOL. Even if I have a drop cloth, I have paint everywhere. You bring a smile to my face every time. Have a great weekend My Lunatic Friend.

  3. Are you sure you didn’t read my mind? My wife is a professional artist. So no matter how careful I am, it’s never right. Not including the missing drop cloth I intentionally avoided to us. Life is a canvas. Just gotta figure out how to get the paint on it…..

  4. Talk about a domino effect! A drop here, a drop there, cover it up here, cover it up there, hide this, hide that… Kind of reminds me of when I’m eating. I can have a napkin tucked in my shirt, and there’d still be food on my leg, but we won’t go there. Have a good day.

  5. I have some paint stories of my own…Like the one where I purchased a five gallon bucket of exterior paint, custom color, which I left on the garage floor. Only to find that my wife parked the too close, and the bottom of the bucket cracked. Found out days later when a large beige-ish blob had appeared on our garage floor. And no more paint in the bucket…The endless pleasures of being a homeowner and DIY-er… BTW, I just discovered your song, Ain’t No Stoppin Now” from the Lunatic Friend album. Admittedly, I wasn’t purchasing a lot of Christian music at the time, went into this heavy Blues phase, after SRV died. Loved that song. Not too long after that, I was playing in a Blues and Black Gospel based Christian Band, we called ourselves Damascus Road. We got to play several music festivals in African American Baptist Churches. Pretty nice for a bunch of Mexican young adults, they were fun. Played a lot of old Mahalia Jackson, our own take of course, and Andre Crouch’s Can’t Nobody Do Me Like Jesus…Would have definitely loved to try to cover “Ain’t no Stoppin Now”. It would’ve fit right in….Was Nathan East really playing bass on that track….I’m a bass player BTW. God Bless you Brother Duncan, after all these years, you continue to put a down to Earth and easily digestible explanation on what it is to be a Christian.

    1. Hey first time to hear from ya on here E A
      .. yest I was so pumped to have NE on my record I had to give him a shout out! glad you like ain’t no stoppin’ too… Barbara Mandrel told me she was doing that song in her live set… (she plays saxaphone) who knew
      glad I’m not the only paint officianato out there LOL

  6. I’m an expert at making messes of all kinds, many physical some emotional. So, Dave listened to this one with a smile then looked at me and asked how many pair of paint pants I had, lol.

  7. This one really tickled my funny bone…probably because it hit so close to home…
    Actually I was thinking this sounded so specific that it must be a fairly recent experience for you.
    Definitely a good analogy for life. I can just see God shaking His head like what did I say about avoiding consequences?

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