10 Replies to “Love N Enemies”

    1. Hi Ross.. good to see you on here..you must be having problems with that too.. obnoxious Palestinian protest, Pride month? Politics? just stealing my sense of compassion

  1. Lol, this was my first listen to a nutshell sermon, and I almost got whiplash from my responses of hilarity to sober reflection. 2:33 is just about perfect for my ADHD attention span. WELL DONE, Bryan D!

    1. YaY Anna, n thanks for commenting, great to meet another Attention Deficit friend I don’t call it a disorder its my personal entertainment LOL I might need a little pronunciation help with yer last name Thanks… I like “I was home” for an email thanks for that too!

  2. Yes, we all struggle with that one. My strategy re forgiveness is to tell God in detail who I need to forgive and why and how much I do not feel like forgiveness, but that I decide to forgive them out of obedience and ask Him for His grace to do so. However, remember Paul handed one guy over to the devil. Sometimes the cockroaches need to deal with the rubbish where someone is hellbent.

      1. Yeah I think I’ll take a step from this on. Love thine enemies is a sore spot at the moment..

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