7 Replies to “Dear God I’ll Never Do It Again”

  1. I have said that prayer because when I was young learning to pray they said it’s a good prayer every day. I didn’t know why until I was in my platinum yea r s…lol

  2. The nut pod!!! Perfect. I think that works for the most of us. Anyway had a suspicion you were hinting at some politicians and maybe some television preachers of the past? But yeah I think we all have a problem with getting in trouble then expecting God to bail us out. Oh and forgive. Remember that saying ? Ya made your bed now lay in it? Bed a nails sometimes….

    1. Thanks for the inclusions.. I tend to hate things in politicians that are all too familiar in my own life… tryin to get what we want.”As soon as you convince yourself you need something, you can justify any action.”
      Jake Moriarirty

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