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  1. I know that I’ve “groan” way more than I’ve grown over the years. I enjoyed this one a lot! Thanks again for sharing these. One of the highlights of my Thursdays.

  2. I groan more than I’ve grown. You have a magic way with words that eludes the rest of us “normal” people. That’s not to say you’re abnormal

    1. thanks Darrell! it was the worst selling record I ever did for Word.. LOL Glad somebody got it… I think it might have been more meaningful to me too and honestly not writing for someone else!

      1. my favorite! I got it when I heard K-Love play “Strollin on the Water”. They played it a lot in 1998 , which was a year of large sea changes in my life. “Strollin’ ” helped me stay grounded in the faith. I consider it providential. Thanks BD.

  3. I listenedvto and played along to this album after last week’s episode. All the samples you mentioned took on a whole new light. Lots of cool sounds, samples and music. your most different sounding album in your catalog. I have to think people were not ready for it. as an artist you have to keep moving forward and sometimes listeners are not ready. I remember buying an Allies album and wanting to get my money back as it was too 50s sounding. years later I heard it thought it was great. your insights are always challenging and insightful. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for the insights.. I’ve never again found the ‘pulse’ of new CCM stuff or worship.. thing is I don’t like any of it.. I’d rather drive a truck! LOL

  4. This album is chock full of good stuff. I didn’t realize how many of my favorites came from this one. 🙂

  5. I know I’m a couple months late to this post. Just now starting my N.S.S. experience.
    But seriously Bryan! This album is absolutely my favorite of your whole catalog. Maybe I was picking up on those Beck vibes (one my fav artists), but lyrically, your humanity really shines through! One of the reasons I keep comin’ back to your music.
    The production on “Yes I Will” is so flippin cool. Great song!
    “Strolling on the Water” gives me chill-bumps every time.
    “I Still Love You” reminds me of Tears For Fears (although I wish it didn’t have that Irish whistle thing in the chorus),
    “God Knows” so funky! And that last 1:15 of the song makes me do that stanky-face of approval. Lol.
    “Once I’ve Arrived” a subtle and unassuming classic. Love that counter line “why love is hard to hold like dreams”.
    The title track is sooo visual. It takes me there. It literally makes me teary-eyed. Those chords are perfect! And then the chorus!!! Dude, seriously – an amazing song!
    Then “side 2” (haha) kickin’ it off with a funky groovy tune!
    And then another jam with “Dark” (I do think it’s a little weird how the 2nd verse starts before the chorus… I mean “hook”… is over). That fuzz bass in the bridge!
    “Preaching is Easy” – very creative production. Dig the whole tune. “You better believe that!”
    “Glad Morning” – sweet song
    “Caribbean Dream” fun closer. It’s so easy breezy.
    I wish this was pressed to vinyl.
    10/10 album!!

      1. Well, there are no other CCM artists I still listen to. So your creativity has the staying power those other bands/singers didn’t. At least for me.
        (BTW, my old band — Life Of Riley — was on a short-lived indie label called Rustproof. Also no marketing. Released into a void in 2000. Big dreams. But we broke up.)

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