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  1. Oh my ….
    I just spent 20 minutes typing a heart felt reply … but I hit the wrong button and my comments disappeared!!!

    I have always related to your experiences and your music has helped me thru my troubles… you helped me realize that I have adult adhd … officially diagnosed by the Veterans Administration a few years ago …. the examination for this was designed to be three hours but for me it took 6 .. two three hour sessions to include a zoom call w a psychiatrist…it was like a police interview for a homicide that I knew I had committed…I knew I had it by the questions being asked and the obvious answers LOL … I’ve been thru 2 nasty divorces ans my xs managed to alienate my kids against me … thanks for your music… and other content … I enjoy your observations mixed w your style of humor … I hope so much for a concert here on the wast coast somewhere assessable to south central pa …. near Maryland Delaware Virginia wva jersey even …. God bless and thanks … I am reminded of a comment long ago by a famous artist … ” as we both crawl towards the Lamb”

    1. nice to hear from ya PB! this appears to be your first ever message on the nut that actually posted too.. thanks for doin’ it twice! LOL I’m glad to hear that mymaladies are being productive in the way of encouraging someone else.. so I guess they’re not worthless. thanks for listenin~!

  2. I love the Music City Live it is so good.
    You and RickyB make a great team.
    That chicken in the microwave is awful & hilarious.
    That delivery guy asking you “What are you doing living in a place like this?” Reminds me of the Lord asking Adam ” Where are you?”
    And Elijah “What are you doing here? ”
    Sometimes we just don’t know the answer because we made weird choices lol
    Glad you made the choice never to stop music.
    You have blessed many people and I am one of them.

  3. I remember your blog or comment about moving into the one bedroom spadtment. can’t remember if you had it on bryand.com or a lunatic link of sorts. what a great episode of the highs and lows .ixed with great humor and poignant observations. She left me for Jesus. surely that should be the hook of a song or at least a great line

  4. Brian, your real one man you’ve always been real. That’s what has drawn people to your music this year, transparency grit, and ultimately deep hope and belief in a loving savior who is strong enough to carry you through what you can and cannot understand. That’s the theme that I’ve always taken from your music.
    The microwave story is boldly symbolic. Dreamlike with a deeper meaning that is so real. I’m doing y best in a space where I feel stuck and free at the same time because life isn’t turning out the way I hoped and planned for it to. Yet elevation and grace I’d happening just in ways I haven’t prepared for it to be. The nehosoul live performance has always been a favorite of mine. Very humbling to listen to the backstories. Blessed you, Bryan. There is much more ahead. “Glad Morning” and Things Changin’… this is what you remind me

    Hope is ahead.

    1. thanks for the buck up FC! what can we do but face what comes..I’m still here so there’s still more! the stories of the last 20 years are going to be harder for me to encapsulate.. not sure I wanna be all that honest about some of it.. but man one thing I know is Gods grace has covered a multitude…

  5. good humor ain’t just an ice cream..
    Funny stuff.. incidentally as you illustrate the variety of situations in your life and associate them with your music at ground zero, I’m reminded that your music is associated with my life my ground zero as well. Jesus provided you for my consumption and edification along this bumpy trail and as you spill the beans on yourself.. the songs you refer to sort of keep a timeline for me too, and I’m sure countless others. Forty plus years now I sort of see it like a sign post like on MASH.. I mean I hear ‘have yourself committed’ and I get a picture in my head of sitting at a kitchen table with my dad playing cribbage.. or.. ‘blue skies’ I came home from a hard days work and sprawled out in my room with the CD rattling the windows as I take some time to unwind and refuel. The first time I recall hearing “don’t ya wanna rap”
    was at your concert with my 3 girls, before my boys even arrived.
    Your ministry is lining our old pot hole covered trail with mileposts and timestamps. Thirteen years ago I started babysitting my grandchildren weekdays
    and nap time… all they heard while they slept was your ministry which IMO is why they slept well. Midsummer 2019 ‘the last graduation’ became a cherished milepost.. been great having you along..
    Ephesians 1:2-3

  6. I can’t imagine what crazy woman would divorce you. But we always have growth through our pain.

    1. It’s mostly a sense of abandonment… as a songwriter too I’m in my own head a lot of the time.. I don’t really play well with others.. I’ve always suspected that my songwriting was the result of an attachment disorder.. can’t prove it but don’t need to know.. we all face what our lives are.. do our best to circumvent our defects

  7. It still grieves that your first marriage broke up. They say it is worse than death and I believe it. This was such a devastating part of you life. You know I pray for you daily and that He makes straight your path. I am glad that you have found some true friends along the way. And your songwriting produced as a part of an very functional, secure and benevolent attachment to the Holy Spirit.

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