24 Replies to “Safe In Your Grace- Unafraid”

  1. God blesses you with great songs. We ARE safe in God’s Grace. When we come to realize God’s love for us is so deep and perfect , that His perfect love casts out ALL FEAR. With that comes the peace that passes all understanding. We are surrounded by safety. Fear is gone, peace is in total control ❤️

      1. Donnie, let’s get him back on stage and you can pack the marshmallows!!! ( Heard about that.)

  2. As usual, I love it, and I know that the Lord does as well. GRACE…so awesome and beyond measure or compare…we are truly safe in His Grace!!! God Bless You Brother!

    1. who knows.. I did have a guy tell me he was going to do a version on his own.. that was months ago.. so far nothin’ so…. this might be the only version

  3. I love the lyrics, safe in his grace… Also, to be more like Him, unafraid. So many things in this world can bring fear, but we just need to look at Him and get through these things with Him, unafraid.

  4. A nice prayer…safe in His grace in a place where we can rest and grow and love…my mother’s and grandmother’s names…2 very special people in my life ❤️

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